Club Music Video Awards Launched

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On Friday 17th May, Club Beer launched the first ever Club Music Video Awards. According to Club Music’s official presentation, the Video awards are intended to celebrate the best achievements in music videos over the past year.

The awards come with a submission only criteria, where musicians, producers and music videos rights owners are required to submit their videos for vetting and the qualifying videos will later been nominated.

“In our experience of promoting Uganda’s music, there has been an increase in attention given to music video production and it contributes greatly to the quality of Ugandan music and its competitiveness in East Africa and across Africa. The Club Music Video Awards come in at a time when Ugandans are not looking for just a good song, but a good video to match it and therefore Club Music has provided a platform to not only uphold and recognise the best the country has so far but also set the pace for even better videos in the future,” said Samuel Hooper, Club Pilsner Brand Manager.

The model of the awards will be based on that of internationally renowned successful platforms such as the BET Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and the TraceTV Awards and will be an all inclusive industry award show in recognition for the best in music across Uganda for that year. CMVA will deliver a thoroughly managed awards show that delivers an all inclusive fair audited process of awarding the best in Ugandan music on a world class produced platform.

Below are the categories open for nomination


  1. Male Video Of The Year
  2. Female Video Of The Year
  3. Newcomer Of The Year
  4. Collaboration Of The Year
  5. Best Duo Or Group
  6. Inspirational Video Of The Year


  1. Best Special Effects
  2. Best Use Of Technology
  3. Best Set Design
  4. Best Directing
  5. Best Costume And Make Up
  6. Best Choreography supports all initiatives that promote and encourage positive competition in Uganda’s Music industry. Join us to welcome Club Music Video awards on board!

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