A look at some of The Best Musicians from Western Uganda

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I must first of all note that it is not practicable to look at Western Uganda’s finest in just one article. As such, just some of them are covered in here and the rest will come in another article. It is also important to note that they do not appear in any particular order here.

I will start with Stanly Kamparo, arguably the most successful Kadongo Kamu artist to have come from Western Uganda. Kamparo is a product of the 1960s with a 40–year career in music. Irida is probably that one song that is still fresh on the minds of Kamparo fans from yesteryear.

John Kaahwa is another musician that no analyst should skip while talking about Western Uganda musicians. With songs such as Weebale Adyeri and Bataire Enjangu, this deep voiced man is one of the best talents that western Uganda ever gave the Ugandan music industry.

Kads Band’s Akiiki Romeo shared his talent with such popular songs as Bukiire Bukiire, Ngayaya, Empisi Y’owanyu, Abalungi Baliza and Genda Mpola. Genda Mpola was widely well received and got massive airplay

Juliana Kanyomozi is another artist from Western Uganda that needs no arduous introduction. Her talent has seen this princess for Toro sweep both local and international awards, as well as wow the world with her music. Today, she is the most successful musician from this region. However much of her music is done in Luganda and English with little if any in her native language.  

Prossy Kankunda also formerly of Kads Band can be remembered for her 2006 tune Ngambwa and such other songs as Akalulu. She is one of the finest talents that Western Uganda ever gave the Ugandan music industry.

Sister Charity probably well known for songs such Grade and Tibarikukimanya is a household name in Western Uganda. She may not be popular in Kampala, but sister Charity’s talent is obvious and earns her a slot on this list. Back home, she is a darling.

Toniks is with no doubt another great gift that Western Uganda gave to the Ugandan music industry. He has earned his mark as a prolific R&B artist. Just like Juliana Kanyomozi, a bigger percentage of Toniks’ music is in Luganda and English.

Lady Mariam of the Tindatiine fame is one of those artists from Western Uganda that managed to cross boundaries and have her songs listened to countrywide. Tindatiine not only became a hit, but also became her music name.            

Agatha Kafooko is another household name from Mbarara, a district in Western Uganda. With songs such as Simeon, Agatha has over the years earned her mark in the industry. Her music may not have spread to various parts of the country, but she sure has been at it in her region.

Angella Katatumba equally comes from the western region of Uganda. But she spends most of her life either abroad or Kampala. She does urban R&B and pop music mainly in English and sometimes Luganda.

Dorys Mutahunga is another very talented and award winning musician from western Uganda. She has several accolades on her name including the Diva awards. She continues to be a strong name in her region. Her music is always a mixture of urban and traditional beats.  

T-Bro is a talented and popular rapper from this region. He does Hip-Hop mainly in his native language. This has continued to earn him a following from Hip-Hop lovers across the country.

Empress, real names Joy Tumusiime, was born on the 5th of November, 1988. She comes from this region. She is a respected Ragga-dancehall female musician. Her talent and music abilities are not doubted. Her music is largely in English and Luganda.

Those are some of the musicians hailing from the Western region. As I said earlier, there are other musicians from this region that we will continue to bring to you in publications to follow.

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