Week 22 Audio Charts: Ladies Night by All Stars is number 1

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The 2nd UK Convention

HiPipo.com is delighted to inform you that we have partnered with the Uganda Convention UK (UCU). Uganda Convention UK’s vision is to harness the tremendous skills, expertise and knowledgebase of the Ugandan Diaspora with a view to promote socio-economic and infrastructural development back in Uganda. Uganda Convention provides a platform for exchanges of views and networking to Ugandan Diasporas on matters of common interest and concern to them. 

This year, the convention will host HiPipo Charts Festival first ever Supa Artist H.E Bobi Wine and the first ever Zouk Act medal winner of the HiPipo Charts Festival, Iryn Namubiru among the many entertainers. Just keep right here for all details.

Ladies Night by All stars has taken the first spot on the weekly audio charts. It is the first time that this song that was released in February 2012 has topped the audio charts. Recorded from Monster Studio, Ladies Night is a dance flow song that features eight artists. These are Jackie Chandiru, AK47, Eddie Kenzo, Witty Witty, Navio, Roni Banton, Coco Finger and DJ Shiru. The song has all credentials to make it an even bigger hit. Jackie Chandiru sings the chorus while the guys do the verses. AK47 puts up superb dancehall verse while Eddy Kenzo brings in his popular sweet Luganda lyrics trademark.  Navio also does well when his time comes. The other guys equally perform with quality. Ladies night is a song about party; partying with the ladies in the house. It is a great song out Monster studio. Listen to Ladies Night now.

In the second spot is Akamwako by Big Size Bebe Cool. This song has slid down from first spot last week to second this week. As earlier reported on these pages, Akamwako is a cautionary song from the Gagamel president. He advises people to ensure that they always talk sense as your mouth can make or kill you.

By Far by Ghetto Gladiator Bobi Wine comes third this week. Every since it was released in late April, By Far has had a consistent performance. For the past five weeks, it has been among the top five songs. By Far is a song in which Bobi Wine attacks Bebe Cool. He advises him to style up and work harder to have more tangible achievements. Anyway, it is their biff/rivalry and we do not get mixed in it.

Don’t Break my Heart remix by Coco Finger and Jackie Chandiru is in the fourth spot this week. This remix was released two weeks back and has since received great attention from the fans. Just like the original version, the remix is great to listen to. Better though, Jackie adds in a better touch. This definitely makes the remix more interesting for now. But as I earlier stated, original stays original.

In the fifth spot is Biriba Bitya by Pastor Wilson Bugembe. This is another song that has been among the top five songs for the past one month. In this song, Pastor Wilson Bugembe advises people to repent their sins and turn back to Jesus Christ in order not to miss out on going to heaven.

Top 10 Audios Week 22 2012

1. Ladies Night by All Stars

2. Akamwako by Bebe Cool

3. By Far by Bobi Wine

4. Don’t Break my Heart remix by Coco Finger and Jackie Chandiru

5. Biriba Bitya by Pastor Wilson Bugembe

6. No Body Move by Bebe Cool     

7. Look at Me by Young Zee and Benon

8. Ndidawa by Maureen Nantume

9. Bakoowu by Mathias Walukaga

10. Walumbe Zaaya remix by Gravity Omutujju and Late Paul Job Kafeero

Those are the top ten audios this week. Stay logged on to East Africa’s leading Social Entertainment website for the latest from Uganda’s music industry.

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