Video Review; Daniela by Jose Chameleone and Papa Cidy

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Other factors withstanding, the level of creativity of the video producer and musician and cooperation between the two parties will always determine whether a video ends up bad, good, fake or extremely good. Some people have spent millions and millions on shooting videos but their videos failed to impress. This is because they lacked the above two core requirements.

Yesterday, the Leone Island duo of Doctor Jose Chameleone and Papa Cidy released their third video Daniela. This comes after the release and rise to fame of their two other videos; Toyina Kisa and Joselina. A look at Daniela shows that they have progressively improved their video qualities from Toyina Kisa to Joselina and now Daniela.

Toyina Kisa was shot by Kim XP and Kontact films while Joselina (sometime in Vietnam) and Daniela (sometime in Beijing) were exclusively shot and edited by on form producer Kim XP of Seazons films while the audios were recorded by Producer Paddyman.This new video is in a few words a hit in the industry.

From the fight second to the last, Daniela is not short of humour.  It starts with words; “Sometime in Beijing” and then a smartly dressed Mukisa Gwo start kicks of the 3; 45 minutes’ visual show. A neat pair of Papa Cidy and a Chinese Lady then joins Jose Chameleone in this video. The red shirts, yellow and red Arabic outfits, white coat and brown coat for Cidy and Chameleone respectively plus the two black hats they wore in this video all look splendid. They pull rare and crazy dance stokes throughout.

The video has proper colour balance and lighting. Credit goes to producer Kim XP for the good editing.

Verdict; Jose Chameleone and Papa Cidy have excellently pulled it off once again. Good song, very good video. Watch Daniela by Papa Cidy and Jose Chameleone right now.

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