Viboyo Oweyo in new Love Me Love Me single

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HiPipo Team

Following a great 2012, Viboyo Oweyo is working even harder this year to give his fans the best music, get more supporters and also prove critics wrong.

At the end of last week, the 2013 HiPipo Music Awards (HMA) winner for Afro pop and Soul song ( Ziina) released a new love song titled Love Me Love Me. This song has a totally different feel from his style of music. It comes with South African beats fussed in a Ugandan feel.

Love Me Love Me is focused on an unconditional love situation. Viboyo sings of a lover who loves, takes care and admires him in all conditions, no matter the circumstances.

He notes that his girlfriend’s love is exceptional, unconditional, international, special, and natural. He deems it impossible to chuck such a loving partner.

The Ajoogga musician brings in the picture of an ideal situation that everyone would wish to live in. Who does not need to be loved unconditionally!

The song is neither fast nor slow. To those that enjoy dancing, Love Me Love Me is the song for you. It's South African feel gives it a wider appeal while the simple but interesting lyrics make it easy to remember.

The song was produced at Swangz Avenue by Producer Benon who also did a few backups.

Listen to Love Me Love Me right here.

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