Vampino-Micheal Ross-Dr Propa and Angella Kalule Live On Katogo

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In just one week, we are going to have three concerts happening in the city center. Angella Kalule will be launching her Katikitiki Album as well as Vampino and Micheal Ross with their first ever joint music concert Am on Fire.

On the other side of the city Dr Propa of the Genda fame, has recently released hitting songs like Mwa Mwa and Omwana Wo mwanvu, he will also be having his concerts this weekend. The Question on every fan’s mind is where will the biggest show be?

Well just to answer you, we shall involve these artists in in-depth interview this week starting from Thursday till Friday live on KATOGO Record TV.

We shall be hosting Vampino and Micheal Ross who have been arguing that Jose Chameleone is tearing down their posters.

 Angella Kalule who is working hand in hand with her producers Dr Tee to make sure the launch is a success as well as Dr Propa who is doing final touches to his rehearsals.

This week keep it locked on Katogo.K4EVA

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