Ragga Dee; The Godfather of contemporary music

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<; , which did quite better than the first one and received some positive reviews. He teamed up with the now Amarula comedian DJ Messe and Jenkins Mukasa to form a music group-Da Hommies, with the basic interest of pushing local music onto the next step. This was followed up by a recording studio known as Mega Tracks to kick start their musical adventure.

After recording some demos; Da Hommies befriended a number of DJ’s who were playing in night clubs to help promote their music. These included; Alex Ndawula, now of Capital FM, DJ Berry (RIP), Bruno (RIP) and others. The idea was a brilliant one and they also patronized night clubs to make themselves visible.

He then released zonked man; a Jamaican originated song he did with Sister Slave (his sister now based in London). The song failed to impress simply because it was some hard core stuff, which ordinary people found ‘perplexing’. However, he remained unclenched and was determined to work on more projects.

Ideally, Ragga Dee understood his previous mistake that he switched back to Luganda and came up with another monster hit titled-Bamusakata in 1995. The song which also featured the then young Iryn Namubiru critically catapulted him into a music skyline and even saw him perform on his first show outside Uganda in Burundi.

This was followed by Omukyala Tokaaba in 1996 which was fairly received although went along to impress months later. Around here, he took a recess and went for business studies in the United Kingdom up to 1998 when he completed and came back to Uganda.

He bounced back onto scene in 1999 with Carry on (Don’t stop), Olugambo and Njagala Dance in the same year as well as Cissy in the following year which were massive hits. He eventually moved one step more and released a full music album titled Cissy in the 2000.

At this point in time; Ragga Dee was loved more around the country because he was blending Lingala in Luganda; which is typified in his songs like Njagala Dance. Note that this is a time when Congolese music was swiveling around the country. The Cissy album took him to heights for sometimes even in years that followed.

Around 2003 when local music had fused, Ragga Dee charged back with Mbawe, a titanic track with ‘sing along lyrics’ that even won him Best Ragga Artiste at the first PAM Awards held at Speke Resort Munyonyo. The song’s music video was a more enchantment to the country.

In 2004 he released Empeta, Okwanjula, Obupangisa and Ndigida in 2005. These were followed by Oyagala Cash in 2006 and Letter O in 2007. They were all mega hits which received frenzied reviews and airplays on both radio and television and also earned him several PAM Awards nods.

In 2008, he bounced back with two albums; Gwo’jja Mukyalo and Kazeeke with a total of 21 tracks, which he successfully launched in the same year. He has nearly done all music genres from reggae to Lingala, Kadongo Kamu, ragga, zouk, and the latest western music styles.

From 2009 to 2011, he has released a number of songs like; Ekyama Kyange, Okwanjula, Bulyomu N’omukisa gwe, Yegwe, Stranger, Omuwala, Ewange, Mono Mono Move, Zina, One more night, Reggaeton Style, Tomalaako, list is endless.

He ranks among the most respected artistes in the industry, which record he has tried to maintain and keep. Besides successful shows locally, he has also gone outside the boundaries to impress with duets with; Tanzania’s Ay and a few others.

Born 41 years ago as Daniel Kazibwe Kyeyune, he has curved himself a niche especially with his satirized and well thought of music
videos. He also ranks among the richest musicians in the country with a string of investments including a production house-Deez’ Studio.

From the time he started in the 1980’s, Ragga Dee is known to be adaptive to the changing environments and genres in the music industry unlike other artistes.

He has also tried to distance himself away from beef and wars with fellow artistes in an industry where a number of artistes depend on wars to make music, money and fame. For over two decades in music, his achievements make Ragga Dee a strong force to reckon with in the region.

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