Rackel K Heading Back to America

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On Friday, hundreds of music stakeholders turned up at Boda Boda bar for Rachel K’s farewell concert. After five years of non-stop music in Uganda, Rachel in two weeks time will be traveling back to California to a pursue a course in Fine Art.

She revealed to HiPipo.com that “I will be studying fine arts. This will also include theatre, acting, dance and production among other disciplines that will be about two years. In America, I will continue doing my music.”

Her farewell party was successful as it was attended by different stakeholders in the music industry. These included several musicians such as Halima Namakula(her mother), Sarah Zawedde, Aziz Azion, Big Trill, Angella Katatumba, Annet Nandujja and Bebe Cool among others, members of the media, music promoters and managers. According to HiPipo.com reporter that was at this party; “It was such a great night that saw Rachel K perform at her best.”

Rachel K is going to have another performance before she leaves for California America at Cayenne Pub Bukoto on December 1st.

She is leaving Uganda with bigger and better ambitions. First, she is going to pursue a two years course in America, and secondly; she is now signed to a new music label ‘Eworld Management’ that manages several other musicians such as The Shannon Twins, AY, La'miya Good, Ms. Triniti, and Dieondra Sanders among others.

During her five years stay in Uganda (from 2006 to 2011); Rachel K has been all over the media for all sorts of lessons. She has been involved a number of ventures ranging from being a television presenter of programmes such Jam Agenda at WBS TV and Fashion Nite at Club Silk, an emcee of several events, radio presenter and of course a Hip-Hop Rock musician.

As a musician, Rachel K has been able to record songs that have seen her win several awards and also received international recognition in form of cross border nominations and acting with international names. For example, in 2010, Rachel K was part of the group that recorded Pepsi’s world cup theme song ‘Oh Africa’ that also featured Keri Hilson and Akon. The video of this song had some of the world’s best musicians such as Lionel Messi, Thierry Henry, David Beckham, and Didier Drogba extra.

She has been able to keep her head up amidst severe criticism from those that say that they know music better than others. In fact, Rachel K has at many occasions been a victim of what I commonly refer to as the ‘PHD’ behavior. Sorry I do not mean the doctorate degree but rather this thing so common among Ugandans. The Pull Her/him Down behavior! Nonetheless, she has been able to do her music blending Rock with local genres.

Her biggest songs include Feel Me, Home, Kamuwaane, Love, Omusajja with Iryn Namubiru, Is it me with Bobi Wine, and Unaniumiza with Radio and Weasel among others.

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