Producer Derek Pro: Why I Left Monster Studios

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Jackson Bakulumpagi

It has been a while now since the once popular Producer Derek Pro of Roni Banton’s Monster studio mysteriously disappeared from this studio without any notice to his boss and fellow workers.


Speaking to from his newly founded Surface Records at Nakasolya Building along Entebbe road,Derek Pro said he could not continue working in an environment where he could not earn as much as he was working.


Contrary  to what has been in the media that Derek Pro and Roni Banton were bewitching each other, Derek said that what was found in the studio was not witchcraft. It was rather waste of mirra( local drug) eaten by some of the studio customers.


When asked why he didn't bid farewell to the man who was his boss for one and half years, Derek said they were so tight friends to the extent that he couldn't stand in front of him to deliver such the bad news of his departure.


"But there is no bad blood between Roni Banton and I. Although we have never communicated physically, we inquire for production matters from each other on phone. I am more comfortable in my own studio than I was while under him."


Derek Pro is the man behind hits such as Champion AK by AK47,Ladies' night by All Stars, Ajooga by Viboyo, Alive by Trekaman ,Kagologoosi by his former boss Roni Banton and many others which he recorded from Monster studio.


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