Pollination Time Video by Moses Radio, Weasel and Obsessions Africa

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When you really love somebody… What do you do?

The brand new collaboration video release featuring Goodlyfe’s Moses Radio and Weasel alongside Sharon O and Jackie O of Obsessions Africa is a great piece that presents an amazing feel of love and happiness.

In the love song titled Pollination, Radio, Weasel, Sharon O, and Jackie O all play a great role in voicing and backing up throughout the song. The song puts on table a stressing and heart breaking love affair in which, one man loves some nice lady, but the lady also loves someone else.  The guy asks and insists of making time out with the gorgeous super choice lady for the great love that he feels for her.

The lady clearly states it to the guy that she is booked, but the guy insists and says that its pollination time and thus they have to makeup by any chance.

Pollination video is quite different from the many videos by Radio and Weasel, maybe comparable to their collaboration with Blu 3 girls ‘where you are’. It comes with a natural feel of a green grass environment; blended with great makeup of the ladies, plus good lighting and easy decent dressing code of the ladies (Sharon and Jackie).

Moses Radio and Weasel are casually dressed, making a feel of realness, but making their points so clear to the ladies. The most loved one according to the video is Weasel, who at several occasions is seen carrying one of the ladies, sitting close to her and having time out with her. Radio on the other hand is crying for love for most of the time in the video. Towards the end, he surprisingly gets so happy when he receives a warm hug for the lady he dies for.

Pollination video was shot by Reel16, directed by Jovan with Obsessions’ Roni Mulindwa as Executive producer, Josephine Jose and Mukasa Nsera managing the makeup, and Mugaya Kevin behind the cameras.

Pollination audio was recorded by producer Washington at Makindye based Goodlyfe magic studios.

Meanwhile, Moses Radio and Weasel were nominated in 4 categories for PAM Awards 2011 that include Song of the year, Video of the year, Afro beat single and Afro beat artiste of the year.

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