People Awards Charts Week 3 2011; Angella by SizzaDictionary is Number 1

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As many musicians are still setting plans for 2011, some are already doing extremely well. Among those flying high is SizzaDictionary. For the past eight weeks, SizzaDictionary has been the talk of the town. After the release of his collabo with Radio and Weasel titled Taxi Money late last year, SizzaDictionary started 2011 with another hilarious single Angella.

Ever since its release, Angella has become a top hit countrywide. In the first week of 2011, this video was number one on People Awards Charts. It however slid down to number three in the second week. This week, Angella by SizzaDictionary has climbed the charts and back to number 1 position. This comical single is enjoyed by people of all ages. If you have not watched Angella, then watch it now as it’s a must watch piece of art.

In number two is a new video by UZ47’s Toniks and Zambia’s Roberto titled Swag Meter. This video was released mid last week but already doing so well. Shot by Hasz Media, Swag Meter has well thought of script, good clear balance and clear shots. Many of the videos that were in the top 5 last week have slid to lower positions. For the first time after more than 15 weeks, the Goodlyfe have no video in the top 5 charts.

Viboyo and Kid Fox’s Parey has surprisingly climbed charts after running on for only one day.

Here is the full list of the top 5 videos week 3 2011People awards charts.

  1. Angella by SizzaDictionary
  2. Swag Meter by Toniks and Roberto
  3. Bwaka by Coopy Bly
  4. Good Look by AY and Ms Triniti
  5. Parey by Viboyo and Kid Fox

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