One Moment Video by GNL Zamba featuring Leila Kayondo

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Watch One Moment video by GNL Zamba and Leila Kayondo

First thing, I love the lyrical versatility of GNL Zamba; this rapper takes time thinking of comical rhymes and lyrics. I credit him for the great efforts, and the fact that the lyrics make great sense at the end of the day. 

In his latest single titled one moment, GNL features talented vocalist Leila Kayondo. Leila does the lead vocals in the chorus and GNL does the backups. 

One Moment song tells a story of one guy that has no time for his lover. The girl is asking for a little time with him, but he prefers spending most of his time with friends and other girls, and finds the best words to make good lies and convince his lover about all his ways.

One Moment video tells this entire story. At the start of this video, we see Leila trying to look for her man in their bed but he is nowhere close to her. He is rushing to get dressed and leave for some appointments. It is at this time that the lady actor starts asking of that one moment.

The smartly dressed Baboon Forest entertainment CEO starts the lies. One funny lie is when he tells his lady that he was caught by the police for not driving with a helmet, but he was in car!

One Moment video comes with high quality pictures, great lighting, was shot in good venues and the actors are as well too smart.  There is a variety of shots in the video. The with good close-ups that majorly showcase Leila and GNL seated together.

The video also features GNL’s friend and member of Baboon Forest entertainment Mun G among others.

Well done GNL Zamba! One Moment video was done by Jovan Reel16 and the audio was done by Andy/Buddies.

Watch One Moment Video by GNL Zamba and Leila Kayondo exclusively on ‘The Ultimate Social Entertainment Source’.

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