Moses Golola: He lost but needs another chance

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By now most of you know that Mate Zsamboki convincingly won his fight against our very own Moses Golola. There is not debate about this as the Hungarian was the better fighter throughout the six rounds, before the fight was stopped.

Mate deserved his technical knockout victory as Moses ‘The Hot Temper’ Golola could not push on with the fight after sustaining an injury in one of his legs. To clear the air, Golola accepted defeat and that was it. He asked for a re-match, which Mate and his team accepted.

The events that followed were very emotional. Fans used different media platforms to express their displeasure about this defeat. And truth be said, the fans had each and every right in this world to show their discontent. But again this goes back to one thing, over expectation. Kick boxing is a sport where one party wins and the other loses. However, many people never thought about the other result. A win for Golola is what many wished. Because this never happened, fans were fuming.

In my opinion though, I think some of the ridicule directed to Moses Golola was not called for. After the fight, we should be looking at the way forward. Belittling Golola does not change anything. Moses Golola has proved to be a great ambassador for Kick Boxing.

Infact, for whatever developments in this sport, Golola is the driver. If it was not for his marketing tactics, very few people would be interested in Kickboxing. But his works have seen the sport receive great support countrywide. He is good for the sport.

Secondly from the proceedings of the fight (to those that watched it), it was obvious that Golola lacked updated Kick Boxing tactics. He was overpowered by a tactically superior and up to date fighter in Mate Zsamboki. This again showed that we lack Kick Boxing human resource—I mean experts in the game. We need experienced and exposed trainers. Golola should have performed better if he had only got good training.

Many people have suggested that Golola should quit Kick Boxing for a career in Marketing and Acting. I don’t share this argument. Golola is a multi-talented lad and that is why people are advising him to join other professions. But no, he should not drop Kick Boxing. Some of the factors that make stars are self belief and courage, factors that Moses Golola has at his disposal. Atleast he believes in himself and has the courage to move on after a fall. He now needs to work on improving.

One man once told me that failure and defeat are not that bad, but failing to learn from them is always the problem. Far still, a man is judged on how best he picks himself up after a fall. Giving up is for cowards while persistence is for heroes.  The road to success is always a hard and rocky path.  

If Moses Golola can get a world class trainer and take training seriously, he will again put smiles on all the angry faces. Back to you!

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