Enygma the Masked Hip Hop Lyricist and Rapper

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“Truthfully, I cover myself with a mask just because I am the most gorgeous man ever made. My mother taught me that honesty is the best policy; I don’t possess frightful scars like Carlos Tevez though I am sure many think that way. My reasons for hiding my identity are simple and few.” Enygma explains.

Enygma is one Ugandan Hip Hop artist and talented song writer/poet that says has no desire for fame through music though he has a deep passion for Hip Hop. Although his original idea was never to get publicity or get interviewed for any entertainment related reason, with the style of music that he does and the talent he possesses, Enygma could not escape media especially the HiPipo.com cameras.

 “My idea was to be entirely hidden. Although this ended up impractical to keep up. Therefore I had to pull out the hoodie/bandana face.  In the end this created an image in itself, Enygma the unseen.”

Enygma continues, “I enjoy being an unidentified face in the crowd. This allows me to keep my Business /family/private life totally different from my Hip Hop passion life. I thus get a unique identity that no one can easily achieve. I enjoy moments when I receive emails from Pipo who used to live with me in my village and class but now can’t completely identify me.”

Enygma has more than six great rap songs on record. These include; See the World, Smile of a Child, Hustlers Night, I Know, Klarity Anthem, Loose Yourself and I’m a Rider.

Months ago, Enygma released his first video hustlers’ night where he appears wearing a mask through the video. The song hustler’s night features other MCs like The Mith, Keko, and Navio. It is a great piece.

Watch Hustler’s night video only on HiPipo.com and listen to all Enygma songs only on HiPipo.com radio.

Before midnight, the second video featuring Enygma will be released. The song titled I’m a rider features Enygma, Lyrikal Proof, O.P.U and Sulfuric. It is an initiative of Yogo productions. You will be the first one to watch I’m a rider video right here.

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