Dr. Jose Chameleone Operated Again

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While he was in South Africa working on a world cup project song, Ugandan Musician Dr. Jose Chameleone Atagenda who has been nursing wounds on his body for some good months now got a problem once again with leg when one of the 15 metals/nails that were fixed in his legs after the Accident that Jose Chameleone encountered in October 2009 in Tanzania when he fell from a flat building got out of his leg.

Jose Chameloene rushed back to Uganda for treatment and by 8:00 am yesterday Tuesday 16th march 2010, Jose Chameleone and his wife Daniella Atim were already at Nsambya hospital for treatment. 

Jose Chameloene who first refused being operated by the doctors at Nsambya hospital was joined by Big Size Bebe Cool a.k.a Moses Ssali Kasepiki and Balaama Barugahare who advised and encouraged Jose Chameloene to accept the Doctors’ advice and get operated. By 1:00pm, Jose Chameloene had been taken to the theater where he stayed for about 5 hours till 6:00 pm.

Jose Chameleone was later after his operation Joined by a number of friends and his family who include Jose Chameleone’s Father Mr. Gerard Mayanja and his Wife.

Chameleone is now is a better condition and the Doctors think this will take him little time to recover. Please Keep Logged On to HiPipo.com For details about this story and many others.

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