Does Mama Halima Have to Come Back to Stage?


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Watch Ekyoyoyo video by Halima Namakula

She is a veteran is have known of for years since my childhood. I can’t forget Ekimbewo hit that rocked the young ones then, me inclusive in the early 2000s, plus the great and energetic performances that she put up along with her son Hemdee most notably on one Christmas show in Nabugabo Sand Beach, Masaka.

Mama Halima eventually disappeared from the active music circles and the next thing we saw was the appearance of her daughter Rachel K, the East African Rock Star doing a genre that had not been tried by none in Ug.

About 3 months ago, I watched a video titled Ndimuzadde by Halima Namakula and I didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking that she was maybe trying to officially say goodbye to recording songs, videos and performing on stage.  Little did I know that the lady was actually serious on a plan to release more fascinating songs!

I must confess that I like the picture quality, lighting and shots in her latest video Ekyoyoyo that features Annet Nandujja among other acts.

But to go back to the title of this article, does Halima have to come back on stage? Well, with the trend she has taken and based on the history I have explained above, I am seeing her back on Ekitoobero stage, Embutu Ye Mbutikizi and more still staging her own concert.

Would you want to see her back on stage? Can she really entertain fans as she used to in the past? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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