Chameleone is The Most Popular Artist of February 2012

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The celebrity charts are here to aggregate and rank to most popular artists every month.  Fans, analysts and critics will now have reliable information to predict, rank , and discuss the trend of growth of Ugandan artists and the music industry in general based on HiPipo Celebrity charts that are 100% powered by the people’s choice.

Chameleone released his long awaited Valu Valu video, that topped HiPipo Video Charts for 2 weeks and has since then been making appearances in the top 10. On the other hand, Valu Valu audio has also been appearing on HiPipo Audio Charts throughout February, giving Chameleone better placement for social authentic publicity online daily.

Following a lot of activity and buzz around his brand, plus the preparations for the successful Valu Valu live concert brought Leone Island president ‘ Jose Chameleone’ to #1, most popular Ugandan artist of February, 2012 (HiPipo Celebrity Charts Statistics).

Additionally, Chameleone has also featured in other acts and projects such as Emeeme Katale with Papa Cidy , Bring it on remix with Pallaso , Dream with Navio to mention but a few, and all these acts too made appearance on HiPipo Charts in February.

Based on HiPipo Charts statistics and backed with all the above activity, Chameleone with no doubt was the biggest news maker throughout last month. With 276 points gathered in February, he therefore takes #1 on HiPipo Celebrity Charts, February 2012. Congrats Jose Chameleone, Friends, fans and family.

Last month, Juliana emerged the first ever most popular Ugandan artist of the month on HiPipo Charts. She is #4 for February with 171 points gathered. Juliana’s success is currently backed by that fact that she featured on acts such as Mpita Njia with Alicios, I Am Ugandan and Sanyu Lyange that all made appearance in different spots on HiPipo Charts throughout February, this constantly makes news about her and she keeps relevant to the music industry.

Despite the rumored fall in their general popularity, Goodlyfe duo of Radio and Weasel still rocks the democratic online fans. With Mukama as their most popular single of the month, this duo has other singles Lwaki Tonjagala and Pollination that have kept them popular among their fans. They are #2 most popular Ugandan artists for February 2012.

Big Size Bebe Cool is #3 most popular Ugandan artists for February 2012. His release of Ntuyo Zange video that topped HiPipo Charts for 2 consecutive weeks was a great buzz creator for fans activity around his projects and acts. He also released Missing You collabo with Rema within the same month.

Despite the fact that he does Gospel music, Pastor Wilson Bugembe is a very popular Ugandan artist, online and in the traditional media such as radio, TV and print media. He is a great news maker, thanks to his amazing inspirational music. Nangirira is his latest release, and has through February made appearances on HiPipo Charts. By end of February, all activity around him had gathered 168 points, bringing Pastor Bugembe in #5 on HiPipo Celebrity Charts.

AK47, Peter Miles, Papa Cidy, Jackie Chandiru and Grey Naava are the other names in the Top Ugandan artists list for February 2012.

The Hip Hop fraternity has not been represented as all the popular Hip Hop faces didn’t make it to the HiPipo Celebrity Charts top 10 for February 2012.

Watch out for future monthly editions of the HiPipo Charts Top celebrities every month, as 100% powered by the People’s choice to interactively follow about the celebrities’ activities , watch  their videos, listen to their music online, share , like , tweet, buzz, +1 and comment of their favorite artists’ activity every day.

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