Bobi Wine Advises City Administrators in Tugambire Jennifer

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Earlier in the day, Bobi Wine posted on his Facebook account that he was to release a dynamite in the next 48 hours.

He has surely kept his word as he has released a new single Tugambire Jennifer in which he lectures on how best the city should be managed.    

Bobi Wine starts the song with a narration of how he was one Monday having breakfast from the Ghetto and law enforcers came, confiscated and destroyed business capital of a lady leaving her with almost nothing!

Bobi Wine notes that he got so concerned, approached the lady and asked her what he could do to help. In response, the lady told Bobi Wine to help her and other suffering people tell Jennifer to reduce on the angry she has, and also restrain her law enforcers from using excess powers because the city is for people.

Bobi Wine uses this as his entry point and then explains how the harsh treatment affects the common man. He says that he personally lost his business as authorities forced him to relocate his containers.

The Ghetto President asks the city authorities to be lenient and compassionate as they conduct their duties.

He calls for the postponement/halting of activities such as breaking down buildings, business stalls and evicting of vendors He notes that these businesses benefit the common people and demolishing them hurts the same people.  

The By Far star notes that evicting of vendors and other people operating in the city is responsible for the growing crime rate in the city.

Bobi Wine also says that the new heavy restrictions on music concerts are note good for the industry and entire country.

According to Bobi Wine, the views in the song are not his personal views but views of the common people.  Bobi Wine sings Tugambire Jennifer in his popular Afro-beat style. Listen to Tugambire Jennifer right now.

Tugambire Jennifer is Bobi Wine’s latest song this year after songs such as Obuvubuka featuring Nubian Li and Henry Tigan, For Better For Worse featuring Nubian Li and By Far.

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