Best New Artist 2010

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2010 has seen several fresh talents topping music charts. The list is pretty long with over thirty talented new comers. Many have had super hits that have established them as new reliable forces in Uganda’s music industry. fans have been following each and every new artist and here are their best four;

1. Samalie Matovu;

With her two super hits Tolaba Balala and Omukwano Gunyuma, Samalie has reigned this year winning several awards and topping charts for months. She is the new artist of the year.

2. Coco Finger;

Just like Samalie Matovu, Coco Finger has also had two spectacular songs. Emikono Wagulu was just irresistible while My Miss is the new club banger. He ranks second.

3. Mun G;

Mr. Bintu aka Mun G broke to the ranks of the greats this year. Signed by GNL Zamba’s Baboon Forest Entertainment, Mun G first released Ebintu which become a club hit. This was followed by Kiri Obvious, Campus Gal alongside Rabadaba and Sesetula featuring Big Trill and GNL Zamba. He is the next big name in Lugaflow after GNL Zamba.

4. Bagzy aka Bonargie;

You have seen him perform at various shows around town, had his songs play on your favorite radio station or watched one of his videos on TV. Bagzy does Lugaflow and Ragga-dancehall music. Songs like Mikono Jju, Tukuba and Musika are among his best this year.  He ranks fourth among the new artists this year; watch out for him in 2011.

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