Amagwa Video by Bird Heavy of Gong Records

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At the beginning of Amagwa video, a Golf cart arrives in a golf course carrying two people, a man and beautiful lady. They are the two major actors in the freshly released music video from Gong Records. The man is Bird Heavy and the lady looks familiar to my eyes but I am not in the best position to identify her today.

The purpose of their arrival is to tell a story that they have entitled ‘Amagwa’. The song Amagwa is based a true story of life and people; about how they live and behave with each other. The song Amagwa talks about the endless cold wars and jealous among people.

In the song, Kyebando boy Bird Heavy emphasizes that people should not give up on life no matter how much suffering you go through. Bird Heavy says only GOD can determine our fate on earth and people are born to be envious. I most definitely agree with him on this.

At some point in the song, Bird heavy tries the high notes of sound, singing in a quite different voice, but he sounds so strained. The word Amagwa is translated as ‘thorns’.

Amagwa video is bright and colorful; it was all shot from the Golf Course. For most of the clips in the video, Bird heavy is seen dancing with this nice lady actor and at some interludes, one queen dancer and 3 king dancers are seen showcasing their dancing skills. The video concept is simple but does not really bring out the Amagwa concept as it was sang, though the pictures and the message carried with them are good for the eyes and ears respectively. A would with no doubt recommend you to watch this video and listen to Amagwa audio anytime. Amagwa video ends as Bird heavy and the lady actor are driving the Golf Cart away.

Amagwa audio was recorded from Gong Records in Ntinda and the video was shot and edited by Gong Films.

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