Alive Again by Juliana Kanyomozi Tops People Awards Charts Again

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Alive again video by Juliana Kanyomozi is making history on the People awards charts as the 3rd video to top People awards charts for 2 weeks in a row. Previously, Angella by Sizzaman Dictionary topped charts for week 3 and 4, Talk by the Goodlyfe’s Moses Radio and Weasel topped in week 5 and 6; talk is in 10th spot this week whereas another  new video by Radio and Weasel titled Lwaki Tokula is in 2nd position. Alive again was shot by Donald Mugisha of Deddac films.

Juliana’s Alive again and Lwaki Tokula by Radio and Weasel have all maintained positions; Lwaki Tokula was in number 2 last week.  I guess the high quality of Juliana’s video and the sudden comeback she has made is over powering the Goodlyfes. Our statistics reveal that the Alive again doubled Lwaki Tokula as far as these two videos unique views are concerned by midnight Sunday 20th March.

The most amazing new entrant is Naira Ali; a young talented instrumental RnB singer, she appears of People awards charts and all music charts in Uganda ever for the first time, with a great video and quality song Breaking down. Breaking down video is number 5 this week. Congratulations Naira!

Rabadaba’s Mwami Sentema video that was released on Saturday over powered many new videos and ended up in 3rd spot this week. This Jim Resley product is a great concept of video that was shot in Kampala new taxi park.

The other artists that made it to the top 10 People awards charts countdown include Mesach Ssemakula, Iryn Namubiru, Allan Toniks, Desire Luzinda for the second time in a row and Phina Mugerwa. Sizzaman is nowhere to be seen in the top 20 videos this week though he had a good start this year.

Also to note is Leila Kayondo’s Kuzina Nawe video that was released on Saturday, Kuzina Nawe is in 13th spot this week, I think Kuzina Nawe and Breaking down by Naira Ali are videos to watch out for come next week.

Remember, People awards charts are 100% powered by your choice to watch, share and comment on a video. Below is full list of top 10 Ugandan videos week 12; People Awards Charts.

Alive Again by Juliana Kanyomozi

Lwaki Tokula by Goodlyfe Moses Radio and Weasel

Mwami Sentema by Rabadaba

Kale Mwagala by Mesach Ssemakula

Breaking Down by Naira Ali

Birowoozo by Iryn Namubiru

Kyolinawo by Allan Toniks

Omusujja by Desire Luzinda

Seeka Phina Mugerwa

Talk and Talk by Goodlyfe Moses Radio and Weasel

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