MTN Hot 10: Have your Callers Dance every time they call

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HiPipo Team.

Gone are the days when calling someone meant being subjected to the boring "tuuu" "tuuu" "tuuu" sound or buzz! Innovation has since made it possible for us to listen to some of our favorite songs whenever we make a call; and this has not only turned into an amazing way of marketing songs, but has also turned into a convenient way of finding out which songs people out there enjoy the most.

In this article, we focus on the latest MTN Hot 10 CRBTsCaller Ring Back Tunes, derived from the trending caller tunes on the MTN CRBT Portal. Having one of these as your CRBT means that your callers will step on the dance floor and dance whenever they are waiting for you to receive the call. A quick look at each of these ten CRBTs will have you realize that each of them deserves a place here.

1. Forgotten by Radio & Weasel (MTN CRBT CODE – 5024994):

The awards winning duo start it all with one of their latest singles titled Forgotten. Kicking off with a guitar and thereafter progressing into a journey of pleasant vocals and instrumentation, Forgotten is an awesome song. No wonder it is on MTN Hot 10 list.

2. Milliano by Jose Chameleone (MTN CRBT CODE – 5131089)

Milliano too is not here by accident because it contains such ingredients that nice songs are made of. It is captivating enough to listen to and groovy enough to dance to. The same way fans enjoy it when it plays in Club will be the same way your callers will get thrilled when it plays in their ears.

3. Everywhere I go by Bebe Cool (MTN CRBT Code – 5131289)

With a lot of sincerity, it was always going to be fairly hard for Bebe Cool to find a nice song after the massive Love you Every day, yet the Gagamel boss proved that he was equal to the challenge with Everywhere I go.   Everywhere I go is a classic reggae song suitable for all those in love. It reminds you of the early days of pure love filled with lots of promises.

4. Maze Okukwetegereza by Radio, Weasel and Maro (MTN CRBT Code – 5024789)

There is nothing to do about it. Radio and Weasel have a second song in the running MTN Hot 10 CRBTs. They are with Maro on this one. Maze Okukwetegereza is a song that is as catchy as it is pleasant. A combination of Maro and Radio's silky vocals, spiced with Weasel's rough touch was always going to yield a nice song; another that is not on this list by accident.

5. Lean on Me by Rema (MTN CRBT Code – 5131216)

That Rema is one of the most gifted Ugandan Divas is an obvious fact! Her ability to render songs in English as beautifully as she does in Luganda is unquestionable; and her Lean on me single proves all this. Though primarily rendered in Luganda, the hook of this beautiful song is probably in the lines "Lean on me" and "count on me" which appear in its chorus.

6. Woman by Juliana (MTN CRBT Code – 5131333)

Does Juliana Kanyomozi’s Woman even need any introduction!? This is one song that has wowed fans and skeptics alike for its amazing message about women. It has been received warmly not just in Uganda, but across borders. To the ladies out there and the gentleman that believe and respect women, have Woman as your CRBT only on MTN.

7. Gundeeze by King Saha (MTN CRBT Code – 513966)

King Saha's Gundeeze is also not a surprise entrant here. Gundeeze is obviously a clear sign that King Saha is more than ready to push his career past his magnum opus hit, Mulirwana. Just like Mulirwana, Gundeze is doing well for the fast rising star.

8. Olindaba by Irene Ntale (MTN CRBT Code – 5131004)

Irene Ntale is one of the fastest rising Divas in Uganda and her Olindaba grabs a slot on MTN Hot 10. It is not significantly different from Gyobera in terms of tempo and style, yet captivating and appealing to both the ear and the "enzymes" that make us dance.

9. Okikola Otya by Naira Ali (MTN CRBT Code – 5024808)

Naira Ali is probably one of the most gifted rising divas with superb vocals and consistency! Her Okikola Otya is doing wonders for her career. The song is full of life and energy. It is a combination of Naira's strong vocals with a touch of groove that will cause your feet to itch for a dance.

10. Girlie Oh remix by Patoranking and Tiwa Savage (MTN CRBT Code – 5055633)

Nice to listen to just as it is good to dance to, Girlie Oh remix by Patoranking and Tiwa Savage is one of the biggest songs in Africa right now. This song is doing rather well, especially in urban-youthful circles.

And those are the MTN Hot 10 tunes. To have one of these CRBTs as your Caller Tune, SMS “TUNE” followed by song code to 170. Each download costs Ushs 550.

We now have to wait for some two weeks to find out if these will still be on the MTN Hot 10.  We may have new entrants or even the current ones retaining their positions.

Either way, the MTN Hot 10 is not just a welcome idea, but a modus for artists to weigh the reception of their songs among fans plus getting addition funds from CRBT revenues.

Till then!

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