Grace Nakimera, Juju Join hands to Support Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy

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Grace Nakimera and Juju have joined hands to support Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy.

Undugu is a Swahili word that means family hood, Brotherhood or Sisterhood.  Undugu family is a movement for unity of all people of all tribes, churches and all religions for the sake of sustainable peace, prosperity and joyful humanity it was founded right after the genocide in Rwanda in 1996 by a Tanzanian born Catholic Jesuit priest Fr. Steven Amani Msele, Undugu's mission is that what happened in Rwanda doesn’t happen anywhere again in this world. Their conviction is that they are all brothers and sisters with God as our common parent.

“These kids are so lovely, they are so real and adorable, we had a day of practice singing and dancing, they were so hungry but smiling all day. They love what they do, we would love to give them a hand, to use what we have to support and improve their lives” Grace Nakimera commented about the Undugu Kabalagala Family.

From different walks of life, the stories they tell bear nothing other than touching and frustrating pasts, where none of them had any idea of how life would be a minute after one they had lived. Perhaps many thought they could at the end of the day get a life on the streets, but east or west, street is hell!

They were born in the undermined society, majority to mothers who can never trace fatherhood of their children since they were found on streets and there they have always stayed, working in the night, anticipating that miracles would happen to change life the day after.

These kids never found motivation whatsoever but for a great reason, GOD kept them somewhere alive. Some were discovered at quite mature age and others have been adopted at less than 3 months old!

All I can assure you is every one of them has a very touching story, many of which have brought tears down the eyes of those who have visited these children of GOD in Kabalagala and other places where Undugu Family has branches.

Even with all the hardships, they have grown stronger, they believe in themselves, what they are and what life can be for them. All thanks to Undugu Dance Academy’s mentorship. “They are being mentored to understand life in positive perspective; failure is not a preached amid them” said Mark a resident care taker.

Grace Nakimera discovered the Undugus at Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy a few months ago as she planned to shoot her Ntandika video and believe me, today, this world has no better example of people that can appropriately relate to this song story other than these GOD loved boys and girls (Undugus). Ntandika is a Luganda phrase used to mean ‘I am getting started’.

Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy has trained these boys and girls to have morals, and be positive about life.

Undugu family’s greatest challenge is finance as they have to take care of more than 50 children in each family, for all their needs ranging from foods, health, clothing and education among others.

In a way to empower them, Undugu Dance Academy trains the children to become professional dancers and in the near past, the boys and girls have started getting clients to perform for at different events thanks to the skills they have attained. This is a way help to cover for some of their expenses such as food, and renting the home where the all reside.

Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy is a subsidiary entity of Kiseminti Needy Children organisation a voluntary Non government, non profit making community based organization founded by Brother Lezon Mark Mugwanya in 1993, It was officially registered as a community based organization on September 22nd 2004 under MAK 162 by Kampala City Council Authority Welfare and community services department it provides free music dance and drama skills training and organizes educative leisure activities for youth and children in the urban slums of Kabalagala and neighbouring communities.

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