Mun G Chucked In Mbwase

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The self proclaimed men’s Head boy and HiPipo Music Awards 2013 Nominee recently released a comical Mbwase video. Following the success of his hits like Champion Ft Naava, Namalayo and Babandule Ft Lary, Mun G has set trademark and identity in the Lugaflow music circles.

Mbwase video is one of the kind that was shot in one room and it is amazingly funny, though entertaining. From the start of the video when a girl listening to music enters this room, to the time when she packs up all her belongings and leaves Mun G homeless, you keep laughing and wondering!!

The video presents the lyrical concept of the song in which Mun G tells one girl that he can never be chucked by a woman, but before the video is ends, the self proclaimed Head boy is left alone in an empty room.

Mbwase audio is comical just like Mun G’s past hits Ebintu, Namalayo to mention but a few. The hit comes with a nice though simple track.

You must have listened to Mbwase audio on radio and watched video of the same on the Ultimate social Entertainment Website ‘’. What do you think about the audio, lyrics, track and video? Share your views about this act in the comments section below.

Listen to Mbwase and watch video right here.

TIP:  Some of the words used in Mbwase single “Jennifer Musisi, Lord Mayor, Pastor Namutebi, Bags of Chips, Beer Fuso and Beautiful gals”. Could these words make a good lyrical follow if you’re a song writer, Mun G did this perfectly!!!!

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