Martin Angume Needed More Of Our Care Alive, Not Dead

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Medkimbugwe [at]

With millions of shillings flowing in to aid the funeral arrangements of the late Martin Angume, I can’t help but wonder where all those good hearted people were, when Martin needed money to go out of the country to access better treatment.

Well, being the religious person that I am, I believe that when one dies then their designated time has reached. However, I believe that the monies flowing in right now could have been more helpful when Martin was still alive and fighting for his life. 

There was a time when Doctors believed that if Martin had been transferred abroad, there was still enough time to revert his condition. Some musicians only talked about getting together to collect some money to run to his rescue, but this never happened.

A couple of charity concerts would have been enough to put together tangible amounts of money to fly Martin out of this place. All fellow musicians had to do was to organize Martin Angume aid concerts and I’m very sure that Ugandans would have responded overwhelmingly.

This therefore comes in as a pointer to all musicians that they must come together, if not for the sake of good times, then for the sake of sad ones. They need to organize themselves into an association/ foundation that can run to the rescue of musicians when such uncertainties befall them

They also need to acquire a piece of land, where all fallen musicians can be buried, so that even future generations can easily refer to that as a place where all musicians are buried. That would not only serve as a tourist attraction, but would also help preserve the memory of our musicians.

All I’m saying is, it is not bad that people are coming in to help with funeral arrangements; I’m just saying Martin Angume needed more of our philanthropy alive, not dead. He needed this more when he was still holding onto the last bits of his life, not after.

Given that we are all human, none is above this. It is Angume right now; it will be another next time. Musicians need to get better organized for the sake of helping each other when they need each other most. 

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