Vocal Police Entertainment: A Group of Promising Talent

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HiPipo Team

It is always said that two heads are better than one. The saying 'united we stand, divided we fall', also holds a strong meaning.

It is particularly this that leads to the formation of music crews/groups with hope among members that if we pull resources and abilities together, we shall achieve more than what we would have achieved individually.

At the end of last year, a group of young, and able musicians came together and formed Vocal Police Entertainment. According to Empress, Vocal Police Entertainment has seven members.

The members are Empress, Maro, Ray Signature, Nutty Neithan, E-van, Data, and Hameem Hassan. On paper, this is already a great collection. The first three names on the list have proven their talent beyond doubt.

With due respect, concentrating on the first three as outlined earlier does not mean that the rest of the members in the group are not good. All members in Vocal Police Entertainment are musically talented but Empress, Ray and Maro are currently more marketable. 

Empress is a talented female ragamuffin who at one time was mentioned as the future of Ugandan dancehall. This only shows that she has the talent.  Empress however needs to grow and move from her shell so that she can mature musically. Her lyrics continue to be very attractive to the high school market. This in itself is not a bad thing. However becoming even popular among post school market would make her stronger. For Empress it’s a tick talent-wise.

Ray Signature of the Kasenyanku fame is equally very talented. His vocals prove this. Just like Empress, Ray has experienced the feeling of being the rated next star. His Kasenyaku tune topped charts countrywide. Forget about the issues about Kasenyaku's originality because Ray is not the only musician ‘coping and pasting’ songs particularly from the Nigerian market. What is important is that his song at one time ruled the waves. He can still do this because he still has his voice and brain to put down sweet lyrics. Still for Ray, it’s a big tick talent-wise.

Lastly among the three top names in Vocal Police Entertainment is Maro. The boy from across the River Nile is extremely talented. In this group, he shines out as the best vocalist if comments from fans are anything to go with. He has the sweet lyrics, zeal to achieve, and ability to grow. His cool character is what makes him even stronger. Maro is popular for his sweet music, has the ability to go to the top. The sky is the only limit for him. Maro gets an even longer tick as he has not only proved that he is more talented but also a humble guy growing musically every day.

In September, both Ray and Maro will hold a joint concert. The details of this concert will come in with time. Together, they have the music and will need your support.

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