Revival of Music Awards is good for the Music Industry

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Written by Derrick K: A Ugandan music fan

The absence of music awards is greatly responsible for what many have called stagnation of some musicians.

In the absence of music awards, musicians sing for only the sake of making money. They don’t mind about the songs’ quality, message or impact so long as they can help them make some monies.

I definitely agree that making money is an essential element of any career; a fact that does not exclude music.

However, there are some things that are heavier, and better than money. These are things that show people’s appreciation towards someone’s works.

In the game of football, winning the world cup is far more prestigious than mere money.  Many rich footballers are still under rated because they never won some of the most respected trophies. That is football for you.

And for music, the reward that is more than money is an award. No matter how small, big, heavy or light it is, an award is a representation of people’s adoration of the winner. The Grammys, America Music Awards, Brits and BET are some of the awards ceremonies that all musicians always find crucial to attend.

It is not because attending such an awards ceremony or winning an award comes with a million US dollar. It is simply because awards are a reflection of the people’s love and market ratings.

There are multiple cases for awards. Our home music industry needs awards more than anything. We need such ceremonies that recognize, appreciate and reward talent if we are to further develop our music.

A few weeks back, I was among the hundreds that attended the first HiPipo Music Awards (HMA) and was particularly impressed because someone has decided to revive music awards in Uganda after two years of nothing.

I sat and watched as the winners picked their accolades. This was in itself a great thing because about one hundred musicians turned up for the event accompanied by their supporters. On the 24 awards given out, only two were not picked. It was a great night out seeing the likes of Viboyo, Emron, Rema and Walukaga smiling with their accolades.

The fact that team was able to pull off an event that many have shunned is enough evidence that this group is determined to develop the industry.

This does not mean that the event was crystal clear; a few glitches were there that must be improved. Hopefully, HiPipo team will be able to pull off a bigger event at an even bigger venue come 2014 as I see they (HiPipo) are already announcing the next event.

The revival of music awards is with no doubt the best thing to have ever happened to our music industry in the past one year. The musicians and fans equally need and enjoy the awards.

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