Rabadaba Releases Tonsobola Video

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Innocent [at] HiPipo.com

Seguya Faisal popularly known as Rabadaba has been quiet for a number of months now, busy in studio cooking his next release.

Tonsobola song and video are finally out and here for your consumption, 100% free of charge on HiPipo.com’ The Ultimate Social Entertainment Source’.

Take a close look at the photo used in this article before you run to watch the full music video, Rabadaba is aligned on the left side and a duo of rastas on the right side. They are the most important area of attraction in Tonsobola video, as they make more than 50% of the song and the video script.

I hate promoting biff, but I think this song I targeted somewhere. Well, according to me , the two guys in the picture are not exactly who I think Rabadaba intended to refer to in the video , but their looks , dress code and  the introduction they receive at the start of the video brings me to a close conclusion.

Who do you think Rabadaba was meaning in this video? Observe and leave your view in the comments section below. Tonsobola is word that could be used to underrate ability and potential of someone, it could used to compare two individual of different classes. It’s like someone telling you that ‘ You can’t out compete me’.

Putting that aside, Tonsobola video comes with great pictures and colors. It is a busy video that will give you no room to look aside as it plays, since comes with many actions taking place every second.

Watch Tonsobola video by Rabadaba and let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

I leave the rest in your hands.

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