MC Fish in a Funny Zona Chorus Video

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Crazy is the best word I can use describe this talented comedian, MC and singer. But you can classify him as you wish.

From his debut single Balwasama Mbalilemu that talked about different embarrassing actions and sins that men committee in life, such as human beings making love with cows, sheep, chicken etc. ‘One man climbed the cow’!

MC Fish has other comical songs such as Mugaba, Komanyoko, Sinywa Njaga and his latest release Zona Chorus.

All his videos are characterized with comical acts, ugly dressing, funny dance strokes and lyrics. Just for laughs, though you can always get annoyed if you don’t like his class and kind of comedy he presents.

His latest release, Zona Chorus is just so funny, to the extent that I could not resist writing something about MC Fish. In the song, MC Fish makes use of catch words in a number of popular songs’ choruses such as Owakabi, Badman from Kamwokya, Omukwano Gunyuma, Mukyamu, Abite Ebikute etc

The Zona Chorus translated as (all are choruses), is indeed all choruses. You will listen to MC Fish reciting the choruses, watch him acting in the video and either erupt into laughter or get extremely annoyed as you may wish!

Watch Zona Chorus video only here on and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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