City Rock Girls in Noonya Brand New Video

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For two or more reasons, depending on when you first heard about this girls and boys group, many of you will agree with me that City rock girls are amazing growing, musically every passing day. I have had time it listen to almost all if not all their music already out and watched all their music videos.

Of course they don’t have 100 of them, they a just couple of songs, 10 videos is so much a number to be used in their relation.

Throughout 2011, these girls and boys all exhibited growth at their visual end as all their music videos , left the poor picture era of 2010 and advanced to the greatly lighted and colored music videos such as Maama , Kinyirira and the Girls latest video ‘Noonya’. I am sure they have improved at this and you ought to agree with me!

Noonya song was done on a fast flowing Afrobeat track, coming with only girls’ voices blending from high to low, deep to soft, and more. Vocally, the girls have all that one needs for a boys and girls choirs. Nevertheless, they sing nicely and trust me, this song will not leave you sitting when played at your favorite pub, club, bar or any hangout, most especially if you are searching.

Noonya video showcases City Rock girls wearing kilos of beautiful makeup, dressed in nice dresses and skirts. They are dancing from start to end of the video, from different places. For most of the clips, the girls as seen dancing from the back end of a truck, with a big crowd of men witnessing these ladies as they publicly announce that they are searching.

The girls are also taking their campaign to the streets moving while singing with large banners labeled Noonya, literally meaning ‘ I Am searching’. City Rock Boys later on feature in the video dancing to entertain anyone that will watch Noonya Video.

Noonya audio was produced by Washington and Denis Rackla and the video was done by Ark Menz.

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