Liane is back with a new song titled Omusawo

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Listen to Omusawo by Liane The Artiste

You remember where she started from, I would not want us to go back into details of her debut song Singa, because she had a very good start, hitting with her first song! She thereafter released Heart rate; this was followed by Holiday that was also a great song.

Singa and Heart Rate were written by Pita Nawe and produced by Jose Mayanja from Grayce Records. Thanks to these classic songs, by the end of 2011, Liane acquired the Uprising Diva award title.

The messages in her songs from the start all talk about love, but they are progressive; each song leads you to the next one.

In her last single Holiday, Liane and her acting lover went for a holiday at a beach place to have fun and take their love to a much more appreciable level.

Omusawo is a Luganda word which literally means Doctor; it is the title for her latest single. Liane suggests that she and her lover are cut and thereafter combined together by a professional doctor. She is looking at a future where the couple moves together wherever they go no matter what risks that have to take!  This means that each will have to depend on the other for anything to do.

Briefly, Omusawo song seeks for a professional surgeon. I hope her man will agree with her suggestion or propose something better to keep them together. Those answers will wait for Liane’s next song that’s if she will have answers then.

If this was suggested to YOU, would you accept to be cut and combined with your lover? Share your view in the comment section below.

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