Grace Nakimera in Nkwagara Kufa


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It should by this time be common knowledge that Grace Nakimera is one of those Ugandan Divas that are overwhelmingly gifted in terms of vocal ability and creativity! This sexy singer has over the years released songs which have left both her fans and skeptics bereft of words! But more importantly, she is very well known for her creative videos!

Grace is back with a hit R n B single, Nkwagala Kufa! This is not your up beat typical Grace song that kicks you off your seat! It is instead a soothing song with a brilliant fusion of instrumentation, along the lines of Kawonawo!

First I must talk about the instrumentation! Nkwagala Kufa kicks off with instrumentation that is obviously R n B; but cleverly fuses into strings that give it a jazz or smooth rock feel! The mixture of guitar and soft drum sound gives you the ultimate love song experience yet without the boredom that some times accompanies love song instrumentation!

Grace comes out strong on vocals yet without losing the smoothness that is generally characteristic of this song! She comes out to create a clever balance between the low and high notes that gives the listener, a very wonderful variation!

Lyrically, this is one type of song that the listener will easily grasp and sing along! The line “Nkwagala Kufa” is repeated enough times that even the slowest of us will have something to sing along!

Finally, if Grace continues at this pace, then 2012 is bound to be a wonderful year for her!

Listen to Nkwagala Kufa audio by Grace Nakimera on Radio.

Otherwise, catch all of you at the HiPipo Charts Festival at WONDER WORLD on the 3rd of March 2012!

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