Rachel K and Janice turner in Mommy Moguls Reality Show

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I had a chat with the 2010 Pepsi ambassador ‘Rachel K’ a few days ago, talking about life, the New Year, 2011 Christmas; since she was out of the country, her studies and business. She confirmed a fine situation full of progress within the little time she has been back to USA.

Let me share the news with you;

First, Rachel K and Janice turner (Sean Kingston’s Mother) will be starting a new reality show called Mommy Moguls. The show is planned to focus on discussions about moms and what they do when they are not with their famous children.

The show will broadcast on E! and/or VH1 platforms and a number of other big US TV networks that the managers are still making contact with. Hemdee, Rachel K’s big brother is the creator of Mommy Moguls reality show.

Rachel K and Janice turner met in California, USA and here they agreed to do this show that might kick off in March 2012, they had earlier met in Uganda during Sean Kingston’s concert in Kampala. Other popular personalities such as Megan Monique Goods’ Mum and Lil Romes’ mum will also be part of this reality show.

On the other hand, Rachel K and Sean Kingston’s Sister ‘Kanema Kingston’ will be starting an online blog together in a few months. The blog will focus on fashion, entertainment, gossip and interviews with the hottest stars in Hollywood!

Meanwhile, Rachel K’s next release will be a collaboration with Ms. Triniti from US! Ms. Triniti was the guest artist at Rachel K’s Fusion/ Rock –Ragga beach party that took place of 31st December, 2010.

Rachel K is currently the only established East African Rock Star. She left Uganda in December 2011 for California, USA to continue with her studies, and she intends to major in talent and entertainment related courses.

I have been following her since the time of her Pepsi Cola all Africa project, (Check Oh Africa video with Akon and Keri Hilson in the playlist below), She was the official Pepsi Ambassador for Uganda in 2010.

Rachel K is one aggressive female artists of the kind, watch out for her in 2012.

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