Exclusive Interview with AK47: The New Dancehall Champion

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Nicholas {at} HiPipo.com

He is one of the fastest growing young talents in Uganda’s music industry. AK47 won the medal of best new HiPipo Charts artist 2012 and was also a winner at this year’s Buzz Teeniez awards. He is a brother to three musicians: Dr Jose Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso. Hipipo.com’s Nicholas recently interviewed him and here is what he had to say.  

1. Who is AK47?

AK47 is a dancehall musician, born and raised from a musical family headed by Mr Gerald Mayanja and Mrs Prossy Musoke.

2. Why do you call yourself AK47?

It is because my lyrics fire like bullets from the AK47. In other words I am a lyrical gun.

3. Have you ever owned one?


4. Ak47s (the guns) have killed very many people worldwide. How do you relate to this?

It’s a weapon of massive destruction worldwide just like me musically.

5. It seems all your family is musical. What inspired you in to joining music?

The inborn talent I have.  

6. On Weasel and Chameleone, who is?

A) Most talented: Jose Chameleone

B) Most stubborn: Jose Chameleone

C) Most friendly: Both are but Chameleone is more since I spend a lot of time with unlike Weasel who I didn’t even share ma child hood with. But I also love Weasel still since blood is thicker than water.

7. How old is AK47?

I am 23 years old. I was born on October 31st.

8. You have been able to develop into a dancehall force to reckon with within a short time. What is the formula behind your early success?

Hard work, persistence, determination and believing in ma self that I can.

9. What was your first song?


10. How many songs have you recorded so far? Name them.

I have recorded 14 songs. These are Bayudda rmx, Nze Akwagala, Ndowoozako, Mbeera Yansi, Gunsinze, Mutima Gwange, Ndaila, Okusoma, Movie Star, Better dance, One of a kind, Champion, Yoono and Action packed is ma latest

11. Which is your best song?

Champion of course.

12. Who is your best Ugandan musician and song?

My best musician is ak47 and best song is Valu Valu

13. Your brothers are involved in several controversies but you are clean. What brings the difference?

I can’t tell. I just see it happening that way but God makes everything possible.

14. What one thing did you learn from?

a) Jose Chameleone

I learnt making ma own decisions

b) Weasel

I learnt that everything is possible any time anywhere.

15. Do you plan any concert soon?

Definitely yes for my music lovers.

16. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see ma self on the international dancehall scene weaving the Ugandan flag.

17. What is Bullet Proof records?

It’s an entertainment group with its own recording studio.

18. Is it under Leone Island or independent from Leone Island?

Yes it’s under Leone Island

19. What is your rank at?

a) Leone island

Second in command and CEO at bullet proof

20. Who are the members of bullet proof?

Kabaras bullet, Saxess bullet, Diziza and "bb".

21. Musicians are biffing. Is biffing good for the industry?

That is too much of 2000.

22. Do you biff?

I don’t.  

23. What is your advice to the beefing musicians?

If they can’t do without it then let them fight lyrically.

24. How do you keep yourself away from the Chameleone-Goodlyfe biff?

I play ma cards right

Any last message to you growing fan base.

Thanks for loving and believing in me, just keep up with the support coz me gun is fully loaded with nuff music. God bless u all.

That is AK47 for you. Stay logged on to East Africa's leading Social Entertainment website for the latest from Uganda's music industry.

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