Lady Titie is back in the Game with Sserulungi video

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Long time, no song or video out! But the talented singer has been cooking something. Especially for her lovely fans that cheered and supported her back in the days.

In Sserulungi song, Titie praises one man that she considers most handsome and loving of all she has ever met. Given his extreme condition, Titie swears to love him beyond his highest expectations.  In the video, the two main actors truly express their love and good feelings for each other. Titie features with her man, friends at different parties and a group of dancers.

Titie was discovered about 10 years ago when she was in Kads band, and she did songs like Makanika Wange and the popular Ssegwanga Onobwotya. Not forgetting her extreme hit project ‘Nsonyiwa Father’, the video featured popular comedian Amooti of Amarula family who acted as a priest.

Sserulungi project was produced from DMS studios by producer David. Titie is currently working on a full album, and works with CBS fm as a presenter.

Her full album is named Sserulungi, and it features songs like Baliwa Abaseka Nga recorded from Khan Records by producer Rocky, and Oli Kya Muwendo recorded from Gong records by Producer Crouch among others.

Titie is planning her maiden concert come 16th of March 2012 at Club Obligato. She has been out of the game for some time, because she has lots of stuff going on in her life, radio, her NBS TV show and business but she is now back.

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