Song Review; Kano Koze, The original and new versions

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If you thought that All Star projects always need big names for them to sell out, change your mind. All star projects such as A little bit of love, Ina Da Dance, Whistle and Mr.DJ among others were all exceptional hits. However, the many of the stars behind them were also big names already.

Groups of young and talented musicians though not prominent in the music industry have too started coming together and release collaborations featuring a long list of artistes. I call this the battle of the upcoming new school. One of these well thought of collaborations is Kano Koze new version. This song was originally sung by Aziz Azion alongside Ahmedman Shizoh.

The new version is attributed to J Kala but featuring other eight talented youths. These are Scooter, Pimpi, Gift, Mr. X, Barbie J, Big Eye, Maro and new female dancehall sensational Empress. In Kano Koze, each of the nine singers is given ample time to send his/her message. From the beginning to the end, you get to taste different music genres. Hip-Hop, Ragga, Dancehall and RnB are all brought together into one. I believe this all star idea is a good one for the development of Uganda’s music industry. It helps to promote unity and team work amongst musicians.

An in-depth look at both the versions shows that the new version is a superior project. Both the audio and video of this latest release a far better that the original song. Kano Koze new version audio was recorded from Studio 84 and Westend while the video was shot and edited by Kim Xp season 2. Watch both Kano Koze original version and the new version right now on this website.

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