Grace Nakimera The Queen Of Music Videos




It is said that “once” is an accident, “twice” is a coincidence and “thrice” is a habit! For Grace Nakimera, making nice music videos has become a habit!

Every Grace Nakimera video that I’ve watched speaks volumes of effort and creativity! They are not the kind of videos where you just get people on location and point cameras at them. She pays very close attention to the costuming of her cast, video concept, story line amplification as well as post production details. I have almost a different reason for loving each of her videos!

KAWONAWO. I fell in love with kawonawo, mainly because of the visual contrast! During the early part of the story; when the persona is still broke and hustling with life, the picture is pale and very representative of hard times. Yet in the pre-climax and climax parts of the video; when the persona has achieved it all, the picture is more glamorous and representative of good times! Kawonawo is no doubt, a video whose concept clearly amplifies the story line! 

ONYAMBANGA. Onyambanga video is also one of those where you cannot claim to have missed any aspect of the storyline. She blends a predominantly holy message into modern graphics. It also clearly amplifies the challenges and temptations we face in life today! This video brings out that whole message without being a stereo type bore! 

NVAWO NAWE. This one has more ingredients than I can put together! You first of all have that crazy class room/school scene, which gives way to a crazy beach scene! These two concepts give the video a very youthfully jolly appeal. And the winner is that classy girl showing up in a classy car, only to pick her broke “jua kali” lover; and of course the funny dance by the guy in a yellow over all! This video is a whole package!

BAGALA KI. Clad in white and gold, Grace approaches BAGALA KI video with an aggressive masculine concept yet she stays sexy! Imagine a sexy lady at a construction site of some sorts, welding and dealing with all that “black smith” equipment and there are sparks all over her! Guess you are still imagining!

Finally, her latest Video, BWOBA SEXY! Whereas I believe that it’s not sexy enough and could have been sexier, this video speaks effort and creativity! In the opening shot, Grace looks like a hot and sophisticated spy who has been sent by the republic for Uganda to convert enemy spies into her sexy camp of dancers! And then of course the multi colored costumes Grace and her back up dancers wear, are all an indicator of an artiste that tries to do things out of the box!

Keep the efforts growing “QUEEN” Grace Nakimera!  


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