Jemimah Sanyu and Navio in Amaaso Go Googera Song

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In the introduction, Navio speaks “You know…. there is always that one person, if you make a mistake of looking in her eyes, haaa and that’s all……” Her eyes speak!

Rated the biggest and highly successful Hip Hop artist in the East African region for 2011, Channel O 3 times nominee for 2011 and PAM awards Hip Hop artist of the year 2011 is back in a great RnB – Hip Hop collaboration.

He is known for classic music projects, huge investment in his works and professional approach of his musical career.

This time round, the One8 project ambassador has teamed up with one of the best vocally talented female artists that East Africa has, also Diva Awards 2011 nominee for Rising Diva category, Jemimah Sanyu in a song titled Amaaso Go Googera (Your Eyes Speak).

If you last heard Navio singing in Luganda in his wind it up hit, he is right back in the greatly produced Amaaso Go Googera RnB – Hip collaboration.

The two artists take the song seriously and give it a great vocal and artistic feel, singing softly, Navio helps out Jemimah Sanyu on some of her backups and Jemimah does all the chorus, singing ‘Amaaso Go Googera’ in different tones.

The two sing about the beauty and power of Human eyes, as they explain that eyes speak out the deepest feelings in hearts of people. The song is a great complement of beauty and nature, thanks to GOD that made all these different things about human beings. It is now that I actually get to believe that even with your month, sometimes eyes make better sense speaking.

Amaaso Go Googera audio is going to hit with no doubt, we will be waiting for a great video that will clearly present the speaking human eyes. Amaaso go Googera…………!!! Do your eyes speak??

Amaaso Go Googera was written and recorded from Fenon studios by creative producer Paul Katumba aka Legend P.

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In other developments, Jemimah Sanyu recently released another hot Zouk Single titled Ziba Amaaso; I think she is in serious dilemma with her eyes! Listen to Ziba Amaaso, and all Jemimah Sanyu’s songs, plus Navio’s music since start on radio; it’s 100% free of charge.

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