Top 10 Videos on People Awards Charts Week 49

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Juliana’s I Am Ugandan is the only video still doing well among the 6 music videos of I am Ugandan album that were released on 11th November 2011. The video showcases Juliana smartly dressed and seated in a hilly grass land as she sings about the best values for being a good Ugandan.

Her version emphasizes the spirit of hard work as a way to develop and succeed in life. Juliana believes in her nation Uganda, and asks for this nation to teach everyone how to responsibly live in this pearl of Africa and valuably serve the country and believe in GOD just as the national motto says “For GOD and my Country”.

The video presents different hardworking people in different corners of Uganda, trying to do something to earn a good living. This is the 3rd week this video is making appearance of the prestigious People awards charts. And the second consecutive time Juliana’s I am Ugandan video is topping charts. Congrats Juliana.

Juliana’s Sanyu Lyange video is also running on People Awards charts top 10 for the 16th consecutive week. It was in 4th place last week and is running in 3rd place for week 49. Sanyu Lyange video previous topped People awards charts for 2 consecutive weeks after its release. Remember Juliana is the most nominated artist is this year’s Diva Music awards, finale event will be held this weekend on Saturday 10th December, at Theatre La Bonita Kampala.

In second place on People awards charts this week is a video by City Rock Entertainment titled Kinyirira literally meaning ‘so beautiful’. This is a very funny video as opposed to its lyrics that would bring out an impression that the singers are talking about a beautiful woman as they sing Kinyirira. Though contrary to the lyrics, the video showcases City Rock boys singing and dancing around funny male comedian known as a member of Amarula Family, dressed and dancing in women’s wear.

Uprising Diva and Exceptional Video of the year Nominee, Natasha Sinayobye is back for the 10th consecutive week on the Top 10 countdown of People awards video charts. Her Butunda video has since its release made appearances on People awards charts Top 10 countdown, specifically in the top 5 videos for the past 10 weeks.

Butunda was in 2nd position last week and has been bounced to 4th place for week 49. Natasha will be tightly competing with other Diva Nominees, like Liane, Jemimah Sanyu, G.Snake, Juliana Kanyomozi, Iryn Namubiru and others in her two nomination categories come Saturday 10th December at theatre La Bonita, Kampala. Good Luck!

In 5th place is another high picture quality dancehall video by Josh Boss of Josh Media and Hyperman. In the video titled No stress, Josh Boss advises people to always find ways of putting off stress and prevent working with stress as this kills efficiency. The video is interesting to watch as it comes with great lighting, good dance scenes and a funny scenario of a man dancing while he is dressed in leggings!

In 6th place is a collaboration video titled No Smoking. The songs features Keko, Dr Hilderman, Big Tyme crew, and Naava Zziwa; a former tusker project fame contestant. The Song preaches about the dangers of smoking and Tobacco use to the smokers and the society at large. The video scenes show, skulls of 1000s of people of have died of effects of smoking, a large grave yard, and different people sick and suffering in hospitals because of smoking. No Smoking!

The Stamina fame star ‘Eddy Kenzo’ is back to the top 10 countdown on People Awards charts. His 2 latest music videos have all made it to week 49 top 10. Abatusabira video that was shot from the UK is running in 7th Place, the song talks about people’s wishes for others, and Zivuga video is in 10th Place.

Pollination video by Goodlyfe’s Radio and Weasel featuring Obsession Africa’s Sharon O and Jackie O was in 9th place last week and is running in 8th position for week 49.

Topapa video, the latest by awards winning song writer, talented inspirational singer and record producer Sylver Kyagulanyi is running in 9th place for week 49 on People awards charts. The video showcases different things that happen in marriage, whenever people rush decisions of getting partners. Sylver advises those who want to get family partners to always take time and understand the people they want to make family with.

Meanwhile, 6 music videos that featured in last week’s top 10 countdown on People awards charts have failed to make a comeback this week. These are;

  • Maama by Judith Babirye
  • Murder Emcees by XOD
  • I Am Ugandan by Keko
  • Ndi Muna Uganda I Am Ugandan by Goodlyfe Moses Radio and Weasel
  • I Am Ugandan by Jemimah Sanyu
  • Lwaki Tonjagala by Goodlyfe Moses Radio and Weasel TV

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  1. I Am Ugandan by Juliana Kanyomozi
  2. Kinyirira by City Rock Entertainment
  3. Sanyu Lyange by Juliana Kanyomozi
  4. Butunda by Natasha Sinayobye
  5. No Stress by Josh Boss Ft Hyperman
  6. No Smoking by Keko Dr Hilderman Big Tyme crew Naava
  7. Abatusabira by Eddy Kenzo
  8. Pollination Njagala Kubera Woli by Moses Radio and Weasel Ft Obsessions
  9. Topapa by Sylver Kyagulanyi
  10. Zivuga by Eddy Kenzo

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