Cinderella; Video by Nince Henry

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This guy is not new in the music circles. Atleast hundreds of Ugandans know him but most certain not as a musician. He is a well known song writer. This means that his singing journey is atleast starting off from somewhere.

For just last year, Nince Henry wrote more hits than any other Ugandan writer. The most notable were Begombeko and Omukwano Gunyuma. This year, he has already penned down Bilowozo for Iryn Namubiru and Minzani by Bebe Cool. These two are doing extremely well.

Nince however seems not contented with song writing success. He has thus venturing in singing also. He so far has more than two songs under his belt the latest being Cinderella.

This track was written and sang by him. Cinderella video was shot by DMS films.

Borrowing a word from the Campus guy dictionary, I can simply say that the beat and voicing for Cinderella are ‘Kawa’. With this voice, Nince is in the promising new musicians’ category.

When I watched the Cinderella video, I got something to smile about. If it’s not a high quality video, atleast the well matched dance stokes shown need a moment of applause.

It starts at a high but later goes low. As it starts; you are made to believe that this is a totally new video story. But not, it’s the same usual story. The story line is weak but the dancers walk it out well.

For the good audio production, I give Nince a 75%. For an above average first career video, I gave him 70%.

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