Top 5 Uganda Videos; People Awards Charts Week 41- Bya-Mbirigo-Topping

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Dynamic four time Diva awards nominee, also one of the hottest R’n’B female musicians Uganda has Iryn Namubiru is back with a new dancehall hit. A video Bya Mbirigo that was released approximately two weeks back was last week in number 4 on the People awards top Ugandan videos charts.

This week, Iryn Namubiru’s Bya Mbirigo video is number one on the only people’s choice powered video charts in Africa.

Remember that People Awards charts are 100% powered by your effort to watch, share, comment or recommend your preferred video.

Kingdom dancers’ Kyenva Nsinza and Goodlyfe crew’s Heart attack Vuvuzela videos are still maintaining the second and third positions they held seven days back.  Olina Omubezi by city rock entertainment crew and Baliwa video by Aziz Azion have dropped down from 1st and 5th positions they held last week to 15th and 8th respectively this week.

Below is a full list of the Top 5 Ugandan videos this week.  

  1. Iryn-Namubiru-Bya-Mbirigo
  2. Kingdom-Dancers-Kyenva-Nsinza
  3. Goodlyfe-Heart-Attack-Vuvuzela
  4. Jose Chameleone-Maggie-Yantuma
  5. Ragga-Dee-Batabazi-Sweep

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