Radio, Weasel featuring Chance Nalubega remix topping charts:

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Even though the Goodlyfe duo of Moses Radio and Weasel has a lot of indiscipline allegations surrounding it, the world should accept the current fact that these guys are lyrically very strong. After the mega success of many of their hits such as Nyambura, Nyumbani, Nakutamani and Ngenda Maaso, Radio and Weasel are now back with “Abatesi” remix together with Chance Nalubega.

Chance Nalubega is one of the music veterans. She started singing during her teens. She has released over four albums and these include Guma Omwoyo, Bichipuli and Omwoyo Guluma. For all her time in music, Chance Nalubega has had so many hit songs. These include Guma Omwoyo, Abatesi and Omusheshe.

 “Abatesi” was first done over seven years back by Chance Nalubega.Its remix is  so wonderful. With the presence of Nalubega’s unique voice, the involvement of Moses Radio’s sweet voice and Weasel’s rough style makes Abatesi remix even  more better. This song is already receiving continuous air plays with in and outside the city.

The Goodlyfe duo of Moses Radio and Weasel TV are set to launch their  album on 14th May 2010.As of today, these boys have already released some of the many songs on their new album and trust me, the Goodlyfe crew is getting stronger each minute that goes by. I do not know how best I can describe Moze and Weasel but I feel they are giving all the big artists a serious run for their money.

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