Exodus: Once A Ganja man now Goodman.

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After the rise to fame of some gospel artists such as Pastor Wilson Bugembe and Judith Babirye, the revolution of Uganda’s gospel music started. Am crediting these two because it was their music that managed to move from church and conquered the secular sector. Prior to their rise, gospel music was only played in churches and gospel artists were not allowed to perform outside their churches. However after Judith Babirye and Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s break through, gospel artists began receiving massive air plays on secular stations and concerts. Among the many things this revolution came with was the rise of other young and talented gospel musicians such as Exodus who is the writer’s choice tonight.

Exodus the Ganja man now Goodman was born Lubega George Timothy in the late 1980s at Nsambya.He lived in the ghetto for quite along time where he was involved in a lot of bad acts with his peers. At the age of 10, his mother passed away and life became harder for him. With no funds and support, Exodus found life so hard for him. In the ghettos, he got involved in all sorts of activities including taking drugs and continuous fights. In one of the verses of his first hit song “Once a Ganja man” he narrates, “Remember the days of Ganja, when we used to smoke Ganja……………….”.

In 2001,the once Ganja man saw the light and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour.Since that time up to date, Exodus who was once a Ganja man is now a Goodman. After getting born again, his church took him for rehabilitation lessons that changed him completely. With the help of God, Exodus started singing for Christ. Among all categories of music, Exodus chose gospel dancehall because that’s where his potential was. From no where, Exodus topped the Ugandan charts with his single Once a Ganjaman.This single became an anthem in churches, conferences and even at secular concerts. The Once a ganja man single became so massive and it got huge airplays on radio and Television stations worldwide. At his age, his first serious single managed to get airplay on MTV base yet those that joined the industry years back and even have the funds to facilitate their projects have failed to have their songs played on MTV. With just one song, Exodus won several awards from religious organizations and Buzz Magazine.

After the success of his Once a Ganja man single, Exodus established himself as a complete artist who is ready to spread the word of God worldwide. Even though his style of music is dancehall that is not easily understood by many of the congregation members, it’s worth listening to because it contains the actual message that those that turned away from God need to listen to. Exodus’ life story and his rise to fame is so inspiration which every one needs to know about.

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