Henry Tigan sends ex-promoter to hell in Mr.Matama

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“Bold is the head, some boy has got no wisdom in the head so we don’t wonder about what comes out of his head”, These and more are the concrete words Henry Tigan uses to express his tear-jerking feeling about his ex-promoter. Apparently, Henry Tigan believes that his former promoter instead of paving their way to success was in his place plotting Tigan’s down fall. When you watch Mr.Matama video, you won’t stop pleasing the director of this new peace of work. It’s script directly reflects Henry Tigan’s gloomy feeling.

In this song Mr.Matama featuring Hilderman, Henry Tigan passes on a very tough message to his ex promoters who he accuses of wrong doing and failing his music plans. According to the song lyrics, Tigan’s former promoters were hungry beings that only aimed at empting Henry Tigan without paying for his full attachment to their company.

Dr. Hilderman also goes ahead to express his disappointment to this so called music promoter. In the last verse of the song, Tigan is heard saying, “…..Suudi boy, God should punish the Satan believer…………………..  Hell is the only place for this man, Rest in peace dirty boy”. So irritated indeed.

After Henry Tigan expressing his detest for his ex-bosses, all music promoters should take utmost care in whatever business they are doing with our dear musicians else we shall have more Mr.Matamas.

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