Grace Nakimera Admitted After Acid Incident

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The Kawonawo Ugandan female music star, popularly known for the 2005 Ani Akumanyi Hit with a few days to her first music concert Grace Nakimera‘s life was yesterday threatened for death after an unknown hooligan poured a hot liquid suspected to be acid at her face.

This was all at club silk street Jam, a few minutes after Grace Nakimera had performed. According to our reporters and eye witnesses, Grace Nakimera left stage for the back end to organize herself after serious disorganization as she was performing on stage. It was at the back stage that a man with some rare hair cut came with a tin containing a liquid and poured it at Grace Nakimera’s face.

Grace Nakimera’s Fans at the show and the police immediately came around to rescue her and it was at this point when they started beating off the liquid guy to a point of death and also poured the remaining liquid on his face. 

Grace Nakimera was then rushed to paragon health center and the thug to police where he was quizzed. According to reliable sources, the guy at police said he had been sent and paid by a group of music stars that we are also still investigating.

Fortunately, the liquid that was earlier suspected to be acid seemed to have been something else and Grace Nakimera was discharged from the health center between 11:00 am to 1:00pm today 2nd May 2, 2010.

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