People Awards Video Charts Week 44; Whistle by Locomotive All Stars is Number 1

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Barely 4 days since this video got on; Whistle is already topping the people awards charts. This new video from the Locomotive All stars has had a very warm welcome from fans and subscribers worldwide.  Over ten stars feature in Whistle under the Locomotive umbrella. These are; Vampino, Rabadaba, Navio, GNL, MUN G, Radio, Cindy, Weasel, Mr.X, Davis and Viboyo.

Nick Nola and Bella’s I love The Way has finally climbed the chart. Today, this high quality RnB video from Nicky Nola and dancehall queen Bella is second. Here is the full list of the top 5 videos on People Awards Charts Week 44;

1. Whistle by Locomotive All Stars.

2. I love The Way by Nick Nola and Bella

3. Heart Attack vuvuzela by Moses Radio and Weasel

4. Ma Ladies by Eighton and Raineman

5. Guli Pure by Pita Nawe.

Remember that the People Awards charts are 100% powered by the people. The more times you watch, comment or share your chosen video, the higher the chances of it appearing in the top 5 videos of that particular week.

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