Moses Radio and Weasel TV versus Grace Nakimera:


With just thirteen days to the along waited battle of the finest, a lot of dust is mounting from the different camps. The Goodlyfe duo of Moses Radio and Weasel are in their final stages of the forthcoming Ngenda Maaso album Launch. On the other side of the coin, Grace Nakimera is more than prepared to have her Kawonawo live concert come 14th May.


However, the 14th January battle is not only a scuffle between Grace Nakimera and Goodlyfe crew but rather involves more than music politics. Apparently, KIBO Entertainment and Balaam Enterprises are involved in an event organizational battle. The last time these two companies wrestled it out was on 2nd October 2009 during the Carolina versus Agenze album concerts. At the last battle, both sides declared victory.14th May thus gives the two event organisers a second chance for encounter. Secondly there is another cold war between Silk Events and Events Warehouse.

Come 14th May, all these controversies are going to be dealt with and trust me one side must triumph while the other will drop.