Nicky Nola the new Ugandan R &B Sensation

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Am one person who doesn’t really get down well with all these Ugandans who try to do R n B MUSIC, Just because a few of them get to do justice to it.
Now that the aids day is just a few days back i took time to check out musicians in Uganda who have really done music that spreads message of sensitization about the virus. And as  I watched different videos, I got one I usually call the crowner of all of them, just next to PHILLY BONGOLE LUTAYA(RIP)’S songs, guys you will forgive me for still honoring and always putting him above everyone in the aspect of Ugandan music. Enough of my adoration of the legend. The song I watched was called a lil bit of love produced by fennon records owned by STEVE JEAN a Ugandan music Producers and sung by all-star musicians in Uganda back in 2006. This song had a number of talented Ugandan artists that include Kid fox, Meseach Ssemakula, Blu 3, Nandujja, Peter miles, Ham Kay, Juliana and many more. But this particular guy caught my eyes and ears, his voice was so rich, this prompted me to find out what is this brother doing to date.
Nicky Nola, a soft-spoken Ugandan artist who says began singing in his Primary 6 miming songs of famous artists like Usher Raymond, New Edition, Boys II Men. In his secondary school he won an award for the All Kampala Original Song Competition at Cine Afrik.
By the end of high school, he had gone professional working with different labels.
In 2004 he joined platinum records which so him be part of the hip-hop canvas that so them do the big Ugandan hip hop song MOTHER AFRICA that won awards the same year and working on a number of other songs like Hip Hop Party, First Love and Sitakiwewe. 2006 saw them release A BRAND NEW DAY that saw NICKY NOLA sing the chorus with a number of hip hop artist that include Saint CA, lumix,lyrical G and many others.
THE 24 year old Nicky Nola has grown and has at present shown his diversity in the music genre, seeing him release a number of new track like Habiba that has a zouke touch, Nkusiimye and Aliwa in 2009. Nick Nola who writes all his music, has written songs for Ugandan super gals HB TOXIC chat buster ALL I NEED and he has worked with some of the brightest talents in the Ugandan music industry like GNL, Raba Daba and McKenzie in the song Sembera.
Nicky Nola has worked on duet with Saint CA In Nkoye Okulimba that has rocked some of the biggest TV networks on the African continent Like MTV BASE,EATV & CHANNEL O.
Nicky Nola whohas a song with the new Ugandan ladies man the Anakwagala Star JAMAL, is today signed to UGPULSE,an entertainment company by East Africans best in north America and truly with such talent, can surely say the future is bright for the young music star, we can only wait for those international accolades to be thrown to Nicky Nola.


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