Consultation, Training, Software and Business Solutions

Training Solutions

Our Training solutions cover technical training for among others.

    1. Microsoft Training Courses
    2. Web Development and Administration Training
    3. Social Media Training
    4. Statistical Analysis SPSS
    5. Custom In House Applications Training: This covers training for different application that could be deployed in your company.

Software and Business Solutions

This Includes

  1. Project Management

  2. Database and Software applications

      • Desktop/Web Application
      • Database Design
      • Database Migration
  3. Internet SolutionsInternet Marketing

      • Website Development
      •  Mobile App Development
      •  Mobile Marketing
      •  Website Hosting
      • Social Media
  4. Storage Solutions

      • Data Backup, Recovery and Archival
      • Data Compression
      • Data Migration, Manipulation and Translation
      • HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management)
      • NAS (Network-Attached Storage)
      • RAID
      • SAN (Storage Area Network)
      • Storage Consolidation
      • Storage Management
  5. Security Solutions

      • Security Audits (including physical audits of computer room facilities)
      • Virus Protection
      • Intrusion Detection
  6. Research

      • Data Capture and Analysis

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