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Eddy Kenzo releases Bolingo video Featuring Tip Swizy

June 10, 2011

Eddy Kenzo releases Bolingo video Featuring Tip Swizy

Big talent president Eddy Kenzo is on serious search for another mega hit, one that is comparable to his 2010 block buster; Stamina. This Afro beat singer and Kadongo Kamu lyricist is back with another dance song.

Ronnie Julian looks great doing what he knows best in Bolingo video. Bolingo dance is duplicate version of Stamina; it gives you a Jaba feel of dancing.

The Bolingo video dance collection comes with a number of bone breaking strokes, you will definitely fail to make out at least one of them.

Bolingo video features Eddy Kenzo, Tip Swizy, queen dancers and dancing king; Ronnie Julian of the stamina fame. Julian takes the same role in Bolingo just like in stamina video though he also assumes teaching responsibility for big talent’s dance class of Queen Dancers. Tips Swizy is dressed like Ohrions comedians (Dikula).

With Stamina continuously fading and almost over, Eddy Kenzo is trying out everything that he thinks can rate with the heights stamina put him.

Bolingo audio was recorded by Producer Rinex in Makindye based D records studios while the video was shot and edited by director Nico 1488 of Superstar Films.

Watch Bolingo video by Eddy Kenzo and Tip Swizy only on

“Tuzina Twemenya”

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